What We Do

About World Toys for Children’s Foundation.

I am Bryan Zhang, I am the founder for World Toys for Children Foundation, a nonprofit organization originally started to help children who needed comfort and toys while in a hospital. I started the foundation in 2013 because when I was seven years old, I was admitted into Lucile Packard’s Children’s Hospital for three days for pneumonia, and during my brief stay, doctors brought me a teddy bear to comfort me. Throughout the many tests and shots that the doctors gave me, I was very nervous but hugging the teddy bear always helped. During my time in the hospital I saw many other children who were in much more discomfort than me. I remembered the teddy bear that was donated by a charitable organization and I wanted to be just like them and help other children as well. Ultimately, this gave me the inspiration to create a non-profit organization and donate to children in that same hospital. Since my parents and I traveled often and bought souvenirs, I wanted to gift them to the hospital and its patients instead of keeping them for myself. In 2017, my passion for helping others led me to donate to schools and libraries as well as hospitals.